What We Do

We host events, workshops and retreats for individuals as well as companies that are focused on practicing mental fitness.

We create community & connection through transformational experiences.

What is Mental Fitness?

Mental fitness is much like physical fitness, but instead of exercising your physical body, you are keeping your brain and emotional health in shape. 

What are the Benefits?

improved confidence

positive emotions

improved cognitive function


positive habits

improved sleep




A Healthy You



Our Why

There's so much heaviness in the world and although we acknowledge that we want to bring levity and lightness to mental health.

We wanted to create something that we both desperately needed.

A place where fun and transformation could co-exist.

A community where we could not only be ourselves, but create deep connections and most importantly have fun while taking care of our mental health.


As two Virgo women, of course we had to organize this into events and over think absolutely every detail to perfection, but that’s what we love to do and we are so excited to share these experiences with you!


In every event, we will be connecting as a community, and going over our core principles:

Meet Us


Amanda Moran​

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As a first-generation, immigrant child I faced a lot of challenges that I didn’t realize until later on would affect me mentally. Understanding how to break through trauma that was created at a young age has helped me work through my feelings of confusion, guilt, and shame. My mission is to help other women understand they are not a product of their circumstance and to help them reclaim their mental power.


Juliet Root

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As a child and throughout my early adult years I endured a lot of loss and trauma. This was the catalyst for me into wanting to help others with their health. I've spent the last 15+ years as a personal trainer and integrative health coach. My mission is to help women heal from the inside out and free themselves from the stigma around working on their mental health.





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